Hedge Funding

The way people do business has been changed throughout the history. There are various kinds of methods for this; and each method is chosen according to the types of the business.

There are various types of doing business that two of them are HEDGE FUNDING and MUTUAL FUNDING. These methods are different in some ways that will be discussed here.

HEDGE FUND is a combination of consultations and investments. People who help the others to reduce the risk of the business are regarded as hedge fund managers. But this type of consultation and investment just works on the businesses that have huge assets.

This strategy was created by Alfred Winslow Jones in 1949 and after that experienced a huge popularity among the business owners. This invention brought Jones a great fame and today people throughout the world know him as the “Father of the HEDGE FUNDING industry”

HEDGE FUNDING is a sort of alternative investment that is consuming pooled funds, it likes a kind of private partnership. It is categorized to various investment style and has different strategies to be handled.

In recent years the value of HEDGE FUNDING has been raised and it became popular compared the past.

Six Holding company has been working in the realm of finance, business and trading since 2001. While enjoying from an experienced team, this holding, is working on HEDGE FUND projects these days. The company and its experts have been successful in this field as well.  Six Holding stablished Changex for doing business in the realm of crypto currencies. In the Changex analyzers trade with crypto currencies in short term, midterm and long term positions. Short-term analysis is done by the Robot, and midterm and long-term ones are performed by an expert team who monitor and analyze the process meticulously.

16 years’ experience in the field of business and related areas helps the company know how to progress and develop and assures you that you’ll gain whatever you are intended to obtain in the business.

HEDGE FUNDING has so many advantages over the traditional form which we will explain them in the following text.


The Changex has about 2 years’ experience in trading with cryptocurrencies, the way they do such trading is HEDGE FUNDING in which the risk of loss has been reduced significantly. The company purchases the cryptocurrencies when the price is in the lowest level and then sells it with the targeted price which has been defined by the exclusive robot in the short term and midterm positions is achieved

The Changex invests on these cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. the company makes a portfolio of various kinds of crypto currencies, This strategy is called portfolio management and helps to reduce the risk of failure in the business. In other word, the company doesn’t invest on just a cryptocurrency because it increases the risk of losing capital.

The crypto currencies could be used in different financial sections such as constructing schools, kindergarten, etc. Nonetheless the Changex only takes part in the realm of trading crypto currencies with each other and it hasn’t entered into other projects.

Money could be gained through HEDGE FUNDING from either a good or a bad market, so this method seems to be helpful for the bad market after the financial crises occured all over the world. The advantages of HEDGE FUNDING make it to one of the most demanding methods in doing business all over the world.

Transparency is one of the properties of the HEDGE FUNDING and it makes the popularity to be rised.

Specialists in the field are trying to evolve the way hedge funding works to increase the return of the business.

HEDGE FUNDING has been growing up in the first decade of the century very well but the financial crisis in 2007-2008 has caused huge problems for this method and many businesses which were run by the vehicle were closed. After that it experienced a huge rise and allocated huge shares of the market to itself.

The advantages of HEDGE FUNDING make it preferable over the other methods. Nowadays, this method has been expanded and more people are becoming interested in it because of the possessions that HEDGE FUNDING has.