If you live in Iran you are a step closer to live on bitcoin.

Early adopter, right? Well, hello! If you have been into bitcoin from the start or have recently joined we probably have at least one thing in common. Fascination with bitcoin and the blockchain itself. One of our goals at Changex is to make bitcoin a useful everyday companion for you and us. Let’s do a recap on how we can help you bitcoinifize your life today (pretty sure that will be a word some day).  

We all have regular bills to pay like phone, internet, rent and most probably those companies haven’t heard of bitcoin or if they did, they don’t think they should pay any attention (yet). Yup, businesses which accept bitcoin are still pretty rare. Here’s the good news – that is no obstacle for you and your coins. With Changex you can make bitcoin payments to any merchant who accepts SHETAB payments. And that means pretty much anyone. The whole experience is very similar to any e-banking. Only we will be nicer to your pocket. Here’s how it goes – in your Changex account you fill in the payee’s details, transfer your bitcoins to us, we immediately exchange them for rials and transfer them to payee’s account. For you this means less dealing with banks and probably a faster and cheaper solution. You can pay any bill that comes with a slip.    

Sometimes you still need IRR. You simply convert your bitcoins to IRR. Enter your primary bank account details and transfer the money. You can also make transfers to any other SHETAB bank account or to prepaid SHETAB cards. Easy.  

If you want to keep your money in bitcoin but your boss thinks bitcoin’s a new species of fish, we’ve got you covered. Changex lets you accept payments from anyone and that includes your misinformed boss. He can transfer rials which you easily convert to bitcoin.    

We charge 1% fee on incoming transactions. No monthly maintenance fee or any other hidden fees. A fair deal, right?