If you are located in the SHETAB zone you can receive payments in Bitcoin or Rial. Received bitcoins will automatically convert to Rial. You can cash them out by sending Rial to your primary euro bank account,Transfer the payment to any other SHETAB bank account (to pay bills or send money to your friends/family) In addition, you can also keep them in your Changex account.  

You will have to give the client your Changex bitcoin address, so they can transfer bitcoin to this address. As soon as they are transferred into your account, we exchange them into Rials.  

  1. The company You're working with Saturday exchanges Your payment amount into bitcoins at their local bitcoin exchange or localbitcoins .
  2. They keep them either at the chosen exchange or in their bitcoin wallet.
  3. They transfer Bitcoins to your Changex account from there (i.e. chosen exchange or Bitcoin wallet).
  4. Bitcoins arrive instantly, and we exchange them for rials.
  5. You make a transfer to your bank account or keep them with Changex.
  6. Cost: 1% of the payment.

If you are an American, Asian, African, etc.working remotely on a project with an Ir area company. we got you covered. The company you work with wires rials to your Changex account as they would to your regular bank account. You will usually receive them in your Changex account within a short while between1-24 hours  later, depending on the That what of day the money is transferred. The wait is due to bank transaction. If client sends bitcoins, they arrive at your Changex account in minutes. If your local currency isn’t Rial follow the procedure below.    

  1. Company wires rials to your Changex account.
  2. At Changex you exchange them for bitcoins.
  3. You Should provide your wallet address, where bitcoins are sent.
  4. Bitcoins arrive to your wallet.
  5. Go to an currency exchange in your home country and exchange them into your local currency.
  6. Money is transferred into your bank account.
  7. Cost: 1% of the payment.