About us

We have initiated our financial activities along Six Holding Company foundation in Australia in 2001. This company has initiated extended activities in the realm of business and has been able to develop and increase trading and finance all over the world. The financial, business and trading activities in Six Holding Company are as follows:

  1. IT and Internet infrastructure, VOIP (Mavara co)  
  2. RFID & Fleet management systems (Rafco)
  3. Investing in Generating ideas and Commercialization(www.findplusltd.com)
  4. Mining (KFC Mining Co)
  5. Petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries (www.sixpetroleum.com.au)
  6. Food industry (www.sixfood.com.au)
  7. Trading goods and home appliances
  8. Teleshopping & TV channels(www.hometv.co)
  9. Investing and researching in different financial areas, such as developmental fields related to the crypto currencies. (www.changex.co)

The company is also researching and working on Crypto currencies, Crypto trading, Crypto Portfolio, Crypto currencies exchanging, ETF, Crypto Hedge funding, Crypto mining and financial software and Robot development now.


Six Holding Company has entered the realm of the crypto currencies for about 2 years. To trade and do business, Six Holding has established Changex website.

Changex is the main part of the company That is involved in trading crypto currencies. It is responsible for all the financial activities in the area of crypto currencies.

Changex has worked in the realm of cryptocurrencies since 2015 and has Been expanding its research in this area to get the best results.

Changex is a connection between you and the world of crypto currencies. With its technical team, Changex would help you to gain the best and satisfying output in trading crypto currencies.